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The God Box Story
Using the God Box allows a person to release people, places, and situations that are beyond individual control. The effects of alcohol and alcoholism can be devastating, and release from the delusion of control can be extremely difficult. The God Box has also been termed a God Can, which infers "I can't, but God Can." As with many things in life, the exact workings of the God Box can't be explained or reasoned. However, the physical, emotional, and spiritual act of placing the request into the God Box and releasing it has brought many people personal relief.
How to Use The God Box
Click on the God Box Button below. Place your request in The God Box Form that appears. Click on the Let It Go Button at the bottom of The God Box. Your Request will be released into Cyberspace. You can also release it personally, and Let It Go.
For additional experience, strength and hope about the Al-Anon program, please visit the Hilltoppers-AFG Online Meeting.