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Hilltoppers AFG Group Conscience Minutes

Web Site Guidelines
The primary objective of the Hilltoppers AFG web site, www.hilltoppers-afg.org, is to provide members of Al-Anon and Alateen Family Groups with:
  1. A current directory of regular Al-Anon and Alateen meetings at the Hilltoppers meeting hall(s) at St. Theresa Catholic Church.
  2. Information about and a connection to the Austin Information Center.
  3. Coordination and maintenance of the online meeting.
  4. Resources to further and deepen recovery in Al-Anon.
  5. Information on other area Al-Anon and Alateen special events.
  6. Other Al-Anon and Alateen related information that might be useful.
A secondary objective and consistent theme of the website is in line with the primary Al-Anon purpose as stated in Step 12 and Tradition 5: to provide hope, help, and comfort for families and friends of alcoholics.
Domain Name
The Hilltoppers AFG owns the domain name hilltoppers-afg.org, and is the final authority on its use and content. The Web site files are located on server space and are paid for by the Austin Al-Anon & Alateen Information Center in compliance with Tradition 7.
Problems associated with www.hilltoppers-afg.org, shall be resolved by the Web Site Coordinator, a majority vote of the Hilltoppers Group Conscience, or an Ad Hoc Web Site Committee (which can be formed at any time at the request of the Hilltoppers Group Conscience).
Web Site Coordinator
The Web Site Coordinator is a member of the Austin Hilltoppers AFG and is competent, aware of, and versed in current web and Internet technologies as well as familiar with the recovery process.
The Web Site coordinator is responsible for the following:
  1. Maintenance of the web site, updating and incorporating meeting changes, special events, any calendar or event info, etc. as required. (See additional guidelines below)
  2. Regular reports to the Hilltoppers Group Conscience regarding Web Site activity.
  3. Maintenance of the online meeting in compliance with general Al-Anon meeting standards. Maintenance of the WSO authorized meeting registration ID#00501017 for the online meeting.
  4. Responses to emails that are sent through the website.
  5. Acting as a liaison between web host and the Hilltoppers Group Conscience.
  6. Making sure the web site hosting fees and annual domain name registration are current and paid in full. Communication with the Treasurer for payment for those services.
  7. Reporting any criticism and resolution of the criticism at the next Group Conscience meeting.
  8. Acting as chairperson for any regular Web Site Committee that is formed.
Web Site Continuity
The Web Site Coordinator shall provide the Hilltoppers Group Conscience with the addresses and passwords required for access to the hilltoppers-afg.org server files and the domain redirection service as required. Additional information about the Name Registrar and Hosting Company will be provided as required.
General Content
As well as following the content definitions listed in the Objectives above, there will be no advertisements or commercial affiliations on the web site. The slogan "Keep it Simple" is suggested as a general guideline.
Links and Recovery Resources
  1. All links from the Hilltoppers AFG web site will contain a message that the user advised to use the resources at their personal discretion. Hilltoppers-AFG is not responsible for any of the resources as provided on the website, and endorses none of the resources listed on the website.
  2. Links to official Al-Anon and Alateen World Service Office, Austin Information Center, and other Al-Anon entity web sites may exist.
  3. Links to other Texas Al-Anon Information Centers, Area or District web sites may exist.
  4. Links to Texas area conventions that include Al-Anon or Alateen participation may exist.
  5. Links listed in the Forum Magazine calendar, Texas State Al-Anon Web Site or District 6 Newsletter maybe listed.
  6. Links to area AA conventions may exist if Al-Anon and/or Alateen participation is stipulated. This qualification is made under the auspices of cooperation and Tradition 6.
  7. A link to the AA General Service Office may be maintained under the auspices of cooperation and Tradition 6.
  8. A link to the Hill Country AA Intergroup may exist under the auspices of cooperation and Tradition 6.
  9. Links to additional recovery resources are provided to further the individual recovery process. Discretion is to be used for any and all material and resources listed that all material is in line with Al-Anon principles.
  10. Links to resources that are questionable, not recovery related, obscene, or inappropriate shall be immediately removed.
The Web Site Coordinator is authorized to exercise their judgment in providing links to other web sites in accordance with these guidelines. This judgment may be over-ridden and links may be added or deleted by a simple majority vote at a Hilltoppers-AFG Group Conscience meeting.
  1. Last names of members will not be used on the web site.
  2. Non-personal email addresses will be the primary means of directing communication (for instance, to obtain information about a special event, a person may email the web site coordinator who has permission to give more information).
  3. The personal telephone number or email addresses of a member may be shown only with the explicit documented (written or e-mail) permission of the member.
  4. Any page that includes such personal information must include a conspicuous disclaimer: "Contact information is confidential and to be used for Al-Anon related purposes only."When requesting such permission, the web site coordinator should advise the member that risks are involved: they should only consent if they are prepared to handle the impact of "spam" and viruses.
  5. The Information Center newsletter, District newsletter, meeting minutes, meeting schedules and flyers for events will be edited to remove last names and phone numbers of members, except where such permission is given.
  6. Any abuse of information, resources, or any service provided through the website or the Hilltoppers Online Meeting is to be brought to the immediate attention of the Web Site Coordinator.
Dispute and Resolution
Differences with or disputes to the website, website content, or application of the website and its content are to be brought to the attention of the Website Coordinator. Continued and unresolved disputes not resolved through the Website Coordinator regarding the website are to be brought to the attention of the Hilltoppers AFG Group Representative, and/or placed on the agenda for discussion at the next regularly scheduled Group Conscience meeting of the Hilltoppers AFG.
Prepared by Bob. C
January 12, 2008
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