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Alateen is for Teenagers

This area of the Hilltoppers-AFG website is specifically dedicated to Teenagers who are interested in Recovery. If your life has been affected by someone else's drinking or drug use - a friend, a parent, another adult, or anyone at all - this area is especially for you. These pages aren't a complete coverage of Alateen or Life in Recovery, but you can get an introduction to what is alcoholism, what it can do, what you can do, and what Recovery can mean. The 'Short & Sweet' introduction to Alateen offers a direct idea of who is an Alateen, and why.

Alcoholism is technically defined as the inability to control the consumption of alcohol. It helps to consider that the alcoholic suffers from a disease over which they (ultimately) have no control. Whether the alcoholic in a person's life is a parent, friend, or any other person, it does have an effect. But there is help available.

There are some simple "Do's & Donts" that are wise to consider. These can help to make life simpler. And it's best to remember to keep the focus on what one has and doesn't have control over. In this way, by focusing on what we do have control over, we can effect a change in ourselves that can be beneficial and lasting. By living life One Day at a Time, on the terms that life offers, one can find peace, serenity, and meaning.

If you aren't sure whether Alateen is for you, take a look at what other Alateens have to say, and what Alateen has meant to them.

Alateen meetings must have a responsible Al-Anon sponsor, and there are guidelines for Alateen meetings. The Alateen Preamble states clearly what the meetings and fellowship are about. There are lots of meetings, and they are meant to be a safe place to share with others honestly how you feel, and what you're going through. The meetings typically offer support and encouragement.

There is a checklist and guide available to help decide what if you may fit into Alateen. You can also get direct input as to what you can do for yourself, and how to apply the Alateen approach to problem solving.

Don't give up hope. There are those who care, and life can have meaning beyond the suffering. Many have endured through the pain and anguish, and are now living relatively happy lives surrounded by understanding friends. Make the one call that can put you on the path to Recovery.

Are You Interested in Alateen Sponsorship? The rewards can be tremendous. There is a lot of commitment required, and it's guaranteed to further and deepen one's own program. Check out the Open Letter page for testimony. Watching young adults grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically has benefits that can't be experienced in the ordinary run of daily living, even in the main stream of recovery.

The initial information necessary for prospective Sponsors is the Alateen Preamble. The 12 Steps & 12 Traditions are suggested throughout the program. Additionally, a full introduction to Alateen Sponsorship can be found on the Guide to Alateen Sponsorship page.

For further information about Alateen Sponsorship or the current Alateen activity in the Austin area or elsewhere, please call the numbers listed on the Contact Page.

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