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Hilltoppers AFG Group Conscience Minutes

The Hilltoppers AFG has posted Group Conscience Meeting Minutes on this website to facilitate communication to all interested with regards to Group Conscience decisions and actions. Listed below are links to the minutes for Group Conscience meetings in chronological order. Click on the year that you are interested in for the minutes of the meetings that took place in that year. For more information, please get hold of one of the contacts listed on the Contact Page, or by following the contact links listed below.
  • Group Conscience Meeting Minutes from 2005
  • Group Conscience Meeting Minutes from 2006
  • Group Conscience Meeting Minutes from 2007
  • Group Conscience Meeting Minutes from 2008
  • Group Conscience Meeting Minutes from 2009
  • Group Conscience Meeting Minutes from 2010

About the Group Conscience, the Operating Procedures, and the Duties of the Officers and their Roles can be read & reviewed by following the links. The Hilltoppers AFG Website is guided and maintained under the outlines of the Website Guidelines. The Hilltoppers AFG meets regularly and consistently with the Austin Area Al-Anon Information Center to interface into the Austin, Texas Al-Anon Community. The Al-Anon Information Center can be found at the following location:

Al-Anon & Alateen Information Center
6301 Manchaca Rd, Suite F
Austin, TX 78745
Texas toll free: 1-888-287-2115
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM   Monday - Friday
Email Contact
Austin Al-Anon Info Center Website
Information Center Meetings are held the third Monday of each even numbered month.